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Creative commercial product photography for web and publishing Barcelona

Creative commercial product photography at Sabadell photography Studio we endeavor to produce photographic images and web design of the highest creative and commercial value. Be it a new car from Seat or a teddy bear for Lovely day promotions, the aim is always quality and service. We take time to truly understand our client’s needs and aims always looking for ways to make the “Image sing out loud & clear”. Sabadell studio aims to be a one-stop resource we offer the very best post-production in both stills & video. Working in Adobe CC we have the most advanced tools to hand, but more importantly, the highly skilled imaginative staff team to produce excellence at all levels of production. We are always happy to supply fixed quotations for all work and when we say fixed it means just that, you get a firm cost for your finished project that will not alter. Were many other companies are always very happy to talk in “Ballpark figures” we give you one price. We find that our company has over time fallen into three areas of the industry. Read more

Product Photography

Product photography whether for a magazine, menu design, website, food packaging, or other marketing material. Sabadell Studio’s team can create striking, high-quality creative food & product photography for any commercial project. You can request work samples tailored to your new project. We help coordinate and produce engaging projects including exhibition banners, product leaflets. In today’s competitive market it is vital that your company image is polished & presented at it’s best

Publishing Work

Publishing work and commercial photography, take advantage of our one-stop-shop for your publishing & marketing needs. We specialize in book cover design and brochure production. We know the importance of good image production and design,our skilled team is at your disposal for your next project. Be it on the web or in print Sabadell Studio can bring your project to life. We specialize in product photography pushing and pulling each pixel into place. The result for our clients is quite simple perfect pictures. That show your products at their best.


Web Design to us should be simple, so simple but say so much. We need to convey ideas that can be understood by all. The words in design fill in the detail and give texture. That said they must be the right words. They have to be read by search engines as well as people, here lies a very miss-understood area of the industry. Words have to communicate and be understood, by man and machine. This is the essence of good web design. We work with the latest software and technology pushing both design and software to achieve our goal.Read more

Mixed media

Personal Portraiture

If you would love to gift a portrait of yourself to a loved one this is your chance. Why not work with McRostie to produce a work of art capturing you as you are now. Emotive portraiture is one of McRostie’s passions with over thirty years of experience in producing emotive images for companies large and small. This gives you the choice of how you are photographed you can literally design the shoot yourself. We take the time to sit down over a cup of coffee and talk about how you would like your portrait to appear, bring in mood photos costume ideas poses. We book the shoot do all the work for the shoot. A few days later you can view the work and decide which images you would like to print. At any time you are under no obligation to buy, only when you are fully satisfied with your portrait do you place your order.Book A Shoot

Mixed media

Photography Courses Workshops

Photography courses workshops our company philosophy is to promote a creative approach to digital photography while encouraging the growth of photographic craft skills.

Our photographic studio is a pleasant, 5-minute walk from the center of Sabadell town. Why not turn your holiday into a photographic workshop and improve your photography & Photoshop skills. The studio is professionally equipped with the latest high tech digital equipment. Our short course in digital photography is fine-tuned to meet the needs of all students. We take time to access group & individual needs and plan each course to meet these needs and satisfy the group as a whole. We run courses to suit all levels of photographic skills and experience.Book Your Course

Abstract painting

Painting Courses

Choosing paint to describe form be it reflective or abstract, particularly when done from an abstract reflection. It is a highly complex challenge that requires a strong bond between painter and materials. The choice of which colors are going to make up one’s palette is the most lonely decision that a painter takes. This course is going to first concentrate on how the relations generated between shape form color and texture within the palette whilst painting has the potential to visually amplify a work emphasizing composition and design.
Learn how to use color well in acrylic
Learn how to plan and process your work.
You should learn how to see both color and form.
All courses are taught in English. Book Your Course

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