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Commercial Photography at Sabadell Studio

Commercial photography at Sabadell Studio we specialise in web design product ,food & commercial photography. Offering services to the advertising & commercial market and have an “open door” policy so that everyone feels completely comfortable and relaxed in our studio.

Sabadell is a Spanish registered company based in Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain

Web design

From our high tech studio we create bespoke image’s for all fields of the commercial market place. We pride ourselves in our production of emotive portraiture using creative passion and imagination as our main tools. The fine art prints produced are of extremely high quality and the colour saturation and definition stunning as we use state-of-the-art Giclée printing technology.

Our team of developers transforms designs into rich, interactive websites that are easy for visitors to use and easy for clients to maintain.

We’re experts in content management systems, front-end web development and custom integrations. We’ll focus on the technology so you can focus on growing your business.
From newspapers and magazines to some of the biggest blogs on the internet, WordPress powers over 24% of the internet. Backed by an active developer community, that number is always growing.

The easiest content management system the CMS that simplifies content management and publishing.

WordPress makes it easy to manage and maintain your blog, content and media. All of your assets are stored and organized in one convenient place.

Hosting & Support

We don’t just build your site and walk away. We offer ongoing support for all your post-launch needs. The Sabadell Studio support team handles everything from from bug fixes, site performance issues and CMS updates to design tweaks and new feature support.

We’ll also help our managed or hosting clients deal with server-related issues. With three tiers of support, you’ll never really be left to deal with your site alone.Now it’s easy to create regular content to stay relevant and in front of your visitors.

So are new features and functionality, making WordPress one of the most trusted content management systems on the internet.
Sabadell Studio utilizes industry standard monitoring tools, security software, and relies on the expert services of hosting partners to ensure your website is available 24/7.


With the latest in monitoring services Sabadell Studio is always aware of a website outage. Additionally, our hosting partners provide server monitoring during non-business hours.


Sabadell Studio can help prevent and troubleshoot malicious activity on your website whether it is brute-force access attempts, bot traffic, or a legitimate user behaving badly. We utilize security plugins, dual authentication, and server-side software.


What makes a website perform badly? Outdated plugins, increasing amounts of data, poorly compressed images, 3rd party code to name a few. Another might be due to the website’s success of generating more traffic than the web server can handle! Our managed website and support services are available to help troubleshoot, update, and provide other recommendations to boost the performance of your site.

CMS Maintenance:

Open Source website software requires frequent updates because vulnerabilities and exploits are discovered constantly. Our managed website and support services are available to ensure your CMS platform is up to date.


The most common reason for a content management system core update is due to security. Sometimes these updates are considered an emergency, and our hosting providers like WP Engine informs us of immediate deployments of updated versions of WordPress. If there will be an impact during business hours, Orbit then notifies you of these updates and downtime expectations.

Our company philosophy is simple yet all encompassing Absolute service to our clients!

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