Food Styling Tips to Better Food Photos

 Food styling tips for better food photography for amateur and professional photographers

Food styling

  1. Food styling under cook your food. As food cooks it looses moisture and shrinks as it cools. Cook food only long enough so that it no longer looks raw. You can always color too-light areas or apply heat with a kitchen torch or heat gun.
  2. If you can afford it, buy two of what you’re shooting, i.e., chickens, pies.
  3. Make sure your prep is meticulous. Go through product and get rid anything wilted, old or unsightly. Cut, chop and slice precisely.
  4. When designing a plate, consider color (contrasting or complimentary), texture, and balance.
  5. Create elevation and movement. Prop pieces up from the back to create definition. Make a hidden base under food to hold it in place using shortening, damp paper towels, cosmetic wedges, or even mashed potatoes.
  6. Plan for the use of garnishes. Have appropriate herbs, lemon or limes, or extra ingredients to use if needed.
  7. Know that cool food photographs better than hot food. You can make cool or room
    temperature food can be made to look hot by adding moisture and shine with spraying with PAM, or with brushing oil. For highlights spray your food with PAM or water or brush with a little Karo syrup.
  8. Use any available light. If needed, use a shiny sheet pan, a white cutting board, or a hand mirror as a reflector for added light.
  9. Study food photographs you like. What do they have in common?
  10. Less is more. Appreciate how the camera’s eye is different than your eye. You don’t need to have a sliced mushrooms in every square inch of your food to know that it contains sliced mushrooms; one or two will get your point across without making the image messy.

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